Quick and Easy Ways to Sell Your Home

Cutting out the middle man is perfectly justifiable if you can manage to sell your house without enlisting an estate agent. By marketing your home on PropertyStop – this is exactly why you have chosen to do. 

With the omission of agent fees and commission, this my also enable to you lower the price you have quoted for your house, leading to the much faster selling of the house. 

However, with this decision to self-manage the sale of your house this means the work that has to be done on your part increases. You become the agent.

The first thing an agent will do when you hire them is they will come and see your house for themselves. They will gauge whether your house is in a presentable condition. Then go about telling you what are the things that need fixing and altering.

Therefore, this is the first thing you must find out for yourself too. Is your house is a presentable condition? The following are the areas you need to look out for: 

  1. Floors and ceiling
  2. Bathroom and kitchen fittings
  3. Lighting and ventilation
  4. Doors and windows
  5. Paint, both on the inside and outside
  6. Drainage system around the house
  7. Condition of driveway and walkway
  8. Home Improvements 

Besides these general outlines you can take some forward steps to ensure that your house gets sold quickly and without much hassle. 

  • Cosmetic Improvements: You can alter the design of your house a bit by repainting the wall and re-arranging the furniture in the main living areas. Make your house look inviting; as a result, it will look impressing. You can decorate it with proper lighting and plants, etc. basically, you need to make sure all the furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and equipment, etc are all in good condition. 
  • Target Buyers: You need to know the kind of people that will be moving into your hous; for example who are your current neighbours like? Knowing your target customers will help a great deal in staging your house.
  • Buyers’ Needs: People are very finicky about the kind of house they prefer and they are not wrong in thinking so. Though you cannot guess each of those small details, you can satisfy some of their broader concerns, such as the security of the neighbourhood, local schools, clubs and facilities.
  • Pricing: At all costs, keep the pricing very realistic. There is no point just thinking about your own profit, because quoting such a high price would mean that your house does not get sold quickly. Have a good idea about the current market position and quote your price accordingly.

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Ready to sell your home?

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